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Work process

Our partners are proven manufacturers of quality fittings from Europe and the US. We’ll help you choose high-quality fittings for any budget: from simple ones to premium segment. Always stylish and modern, our glass structures will decorate your home or office.

1.Free consultation that can be obtained in any convenient way:

  • by phone;
  • by email;
  • during  the personal meeting at our office

2.Preliminary calculations.

In order to make the preliminary calculation of any product, our consultant will find out following points:

  • type of product;
  • desired color and texture of glass;
  • approximate dimensions;
  • your wishes and budget for drawing up a commercial proposal.

We undertake the sketch of the future glass structure, fittings and make the exact calculations of the ready structure and its installation.


After having discussed the preliminary design, our qualified design engineer takes all necessary measurements for manufacturing glass partitions, doors and other structures. He is responsible for the correctness of the measurements and development of design documentation for your project.

The engineer will explain about the hardware of selected type of glass and advise what fittings are best for your case. We use modern measuring instruments allowing to receive the most exact results. The engineer can bring some samples of fittings and glass for the future structure.

4.Signing of agreement.

After you have confirmed the design and calculations, you sign the agreement, where terms of manufacture and installations, as well as our responsibility and guarantee are defined.


The designing process of future glass structure includes such stages:

  • planning of structure location;
  • consultation on design and materials;
  • technical consultation on preparation of walls and openings;
  • drawing of structures and joints;
  • preparation of work documentation for manufacture;
  • preparation of documentation for installation.

The engineer takes into account the specialties of the object, conditions of installation and customer’s needs. He projects the glass thickness and optimal way of mounting.


After agreement on glass structures, we come to manufacturing for the future product. Usually, it takes from 2 to 4 weeks depending on dimension and complexity of product agreed.


A few days before the scheduled delivery we agree on the date and time of our arrival.


Installation of glass structures is carried out by experienced workers, which use professional tools and devices for the installation of tempered glass. The process takes some hours depend how big the project is.


We give 2 years warranty for labor and installation from the date of signing the agreement. The warranty period for glass hardware is determined by the manufacturer (from 1 year to 3 years depending on the manufacturer). Glass Diamond LLC guarantees absence of defects in glass structures as well as reliability and long service life. The warranty policy does not include the shower doors plastic wipes and seals

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